Blackpill Bill: God’s Work – Out now

We are pleased to announce the release of our third game, Blackpill Bill: God’s Work. You can read the synopsis below. We’ll also be releasing our biggest update for Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day this month. We will make a post and send out an email when the JSB: JD update is live.

” Bill, an everyday American, used to live a simple life. A man of traditional and righteous morals, he would work hard all through the week at a job he had held for over fourteen years and eighty eight days, always providing for his family, bringing home the bacon and keeping a roof over his, his wife, and children’s heads. Bill always made sure he worked earnestly and received several promotions throughout the years. With a seemingly ever increasing salary, a beautiful family and home, life for Bill seemed to be wonderful. He could not possibly imagine any scenario in which it could ever go wrong. But one tragic day, Bill’s life would take a turn for the worse.
On that black day, as Bill routinely slaved away at work, he was suddenly called into the manager’s office.

“Bill, you’ve always been a fantastic worker, but you’re fired. We decided that the one thing this company needs more than anything is more diversity. Unfortunately, you’re just not diverse enough.” said Bill’s manager, Schlomo Goldbergstein. 

“B-b-but I dindu nuffin! Please, Goldbergtein! What about my wife and family!” pleaded Bill.

“TO HELL with them all, you filthy Nazi!” Screeched Goldbergstein as he smiled a crooked smile and rubbed his hands together. It wasn’t long before Tyrone and Jerome, the office security and part-time interracial porn stars, forcefully removed Bill from the premises.
Without a job, life swiftly turned upside down for Bill. Unable to keep up with the mortgage payments, Bill lost his home. Shortly afterwards, completely down and out and without a cent, Bill lost everything else. It was no surprise that Bill slowly had a mental breakdown and was whisked away to the insane asylum under the orders of “doctor” Achmed GoatBomber.

Bill had no choice – the blackpill was literally forced down his throat. With Bill’s back against the wall and his life at rock bottom, he has nothing less to lose. He will  obtain vengeance against his oppressors. He will fulfil God’s work. The blackpill was shoved down Bill’s throat, now he will shove it down everyone else’s too. “