New Zealand Government brand us “terrorist” organisation

UPDATE: Playing, sharing or hosting our games in New Zealand will now get you arrested for some “terrorism” related offence. New Zealand’s “Chief Censor” David Shanks (pictured above in work attire) announced:

“These are illegal, terrorist-promotional products designed to spread hate and encourage killing. Don’t support, purchase or distribute this stuff. If you come across it, report it to the Internal Affairs Digital Safety team. If you hold copies of them – delete these now.”

The New Zealand government are also in the steps of having their ISPs blacklist our website. You can read their full autistic announcement on their website, here:

A New Zealand public censorship office has just made a decision classifying our game The Shitposter as “objectionable”, which simply means banned. We received communication from the so called “Office of film and literature classification“, an organization in New Zealand which apparently censors anything that they don’t like, explaining that they were “looking into” The Shitposter.

A PDF outlining the reasons for their decision to classify The Shitposter as objectionable and ban it was sent to us. We have only skimmed over it, but it appears to have been written by an individual suffering from severe autism. We have decided to post the PDF here to give an insight into the autistic individuals behind the current censorship in New Zealand.

View the PDF:

Experts from the PDF document. This was written by a real life professional working in a position of power paid for by your New Zealand taxes.
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