hate speech

Apparently, streaming game play videos can now count as “hate speech”.

To be fair, we are hardly surprised. This is 2019 – practically anything can be classed as hate speech nowadays. A staff member of 2Genderz Productions who decided to share some good ol’ game play videos of our “fun for the whole family” video game, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day, on her YouTube channel, has had it removed and her account permanently suspended. They are also unable to create future accounts in the future, ever. Considering the absolute disgusting state of modern YouTube, honestly… who gives a fuck?

YouTube cite the reason for the decision as “hate speech”, despite none of the game play videos featuring any commentary or any reference to race, religion, sexuality or any form of so called “protected group”, whatsoever. YouTube have decided not to respond to our enquiry as to what exactly in the videos was “hate speech”. This probably also means that YouTube will be silently removing all currently uploaded game play videos of JSB: JD, so don’t be surprised if it becomes hard to find any on YouTube in the near future.

In the past year since 2Genderz Productions began, we are no stranger to being on the receiving end of several forms of attempted de-platforming and being banned from various services. We have had our website shut down by those who are very easily offended, payment processors denying us their services, a feral hoard of wild “journalists” calling for bans of our games, to name just a few encounters. Regardless of all this, 2Genderz Productions always has – and always will – be up and running. No amount of de-platforming, blacklisting or REEEEEEEEEE’ing will change that.

There are many, many fake news articles from notably big news outlets worldwide regarding us or our video games. Many people read these and are instantaneously triggered into full autism screeching mode by these “articles” and this leads to various outrage mobs attempting to take us down by any means necessary. We no longer bother trying to combat these fake news articles that spring up all over the place as it has grown tiresome and is almost comparable to the old whack-a-mole arcade game. To put it simply, we develop video games that break no law and is within our full rights to develop. If they offend you for any reason, you do not have to view, buy or play them.

On an unrelated and much more upbeat note, we have been working on Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day BETA since May 2019 and can announce that we will be releasing it before the end of the year. It has undergone a massive overhaul in graphics, game play and features. It is going to be great. We have also had the go ahead to release it on a major games platform, but we won’t reveal where just yet to stop the inevitable waves of Reeeee. We will be posting screenshots, content and other updates in the days to come. Everyone who has purchased the current JSB: JD version will of course receive the new version upon release by email free of charge.

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