Jesus Strikes Back BIGGEST Update

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing our biggest update ever, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day BETA. We’ve been working on Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day since December 2018, with the first playable release releasing back in February 2019. The upcoming BETA – while still not finished – is a complete overhaul of the original and has been rebuilt completely from the ground up with feedback given by our players taken strongly into consideration to create the game you want to play.

Here we see J.C exploring the Brave New World with his horse Blondie, as they stumble upon a group of wild Screechers

The most important thing when redesigning JSB: JD was to keep the original spirit of the game but with improved graphics, mechanics and game play. Although still not finished, the BETA already features a majority of the new planned content, but will not have playable release until it undergoes more polish and testing. There is still work to do in regards to improving the graphics further. We won’t give an exact date as to when the playable release out, but what we will say is it will certainly be worth the wait.

Some of the features are:

  • Exploration through a large open world… the “Brave New World”, filled with all the original enemies from JSB: JD alpha, with added new appearances from Coomers, Screechers, Vegans and Climate “Activists” to name a few, as well as all kinds of hostile and non-hostile wildlife.
  • Some light RPG elements including character customization of your chosen player, increasing your proficiency with different styles of weapons, and the ability to change each aspect of your outfit (head, legs, gloves, shoes, body, etc) as opposed to the original Jesus Strikes Back basic “skin” system which sets a full outfit.
  • Acquire new items and weapons as loot retrieved from defeated enemies or looted from their bases, campsites and outposts, or buy and sell merchandise with travelling merchants or at friendly military outposts
  • Locate and destroy the New World Order leaders from the original, and engage in randomly generated side missions allowing you to hunt down randomly generated fugitives, illegal aliens and communists or rescue soldiers captured by the NWO.
  • ….and last but not least, guaranteed fun for the whole family!

This post is a brief announcement of the upcoming BETA and it’s features, however we will be posting more news around the start of February 2020 featuring video game play and news on the release. Stay tuned!

If you have already purchased a copy of Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day, there will be no additional cost to update to the BETA and a download link will be emailed to you on release day.

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