Jesus Strikes Back 2 : The Resurrection (Coming soon)

tl;dr: We will soon be releasing the sequel to Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment DayJesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection. We have quietly been working on this for a while and this is the first official announcement. We will still be updating our existing games as required.

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing the sequel to Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment DayJesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection. This is without a doubt our biggest and most ambitious project to date. It goes without saying that we will still of course update all our existing games as required, but a large proportion of our efforts will be dedicated to making JSB 2: TR the ultimate game for true epic gamers™. The plot entails literally Satan himself with his army of demons and communists attacking the earth 69 years after the events of Judgment Day.

We have huge plans for JSB2: TR, and although we will be releasing our first public alpha version in the very near future, we will be working on this for some time to come. That is because JSB2: TR is nothing like any other project we have worked on in terms of scale, and will take a phenomenal amount of work to create the player experience we are striving for. Rather than talk about all the great features we have planned for the future and raise hopes an sell you on unimplemented features like every other studio does, we have decided to tell you only what has already been accomplished, and what you can expect to 100% see in the upcoming released alpha.

So what makes JSB2: TR different than it’s predecessor? It doesn’t use any source code from the original to start with. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up, so expect a smoother controls and input at the least. We’ve put some work in on the graphical department too, which while there are still some placeholder textures and models that will certainly be nuked and replaced in the future, you can still expect to see improved textures, models, lighting and post-processing effects than JSB: JD.

Taking into account feedback and feature requests from the first title, we have completely redesigned the core game play mechanics. JSB2: TR plays as an open world, third-person shooter with additional RPG elements. Players begin by choosing their character (the same classic line up from the original) and straight away are free to explore the Brave New World. Each player has different strengths and weakness,and are skilled in using certain weapons than others (although there is no restriction on what weapon you can use, any character can use any weapon – some will just use it more efficiently than others). Players can obtain item and equipment through defeated enemies, crates, vendors, chests etc.

Players can equip up to five weapons at a time – a handgun, semi-automatic rifle, automatic rifle, heavy or two handed melee weapon, and a one handed melee weapon – and switch between them with hotkeys. The player can draw and sheathe their currently active weapon, and all five sheathed weapons appear sheathed on the player. The player can also equip different armor/clothing for each body part, as opposed to JSB: JD where the player can only select a full outfit, JSB2: TR allows you to manually change what you wear on your head, torso, legs, hands and feet. The player can obtain a variety of clothes and outfits, or types of armor that yield defense bonuses.

The current existing world is filled with a different variety of landscapes/biomes and all sorts of locations such as campsites, military outposts, taverns, and multiple unique locations including The Diversity Museum, Gender Studies Academy, Rot Child’s Manor, Club Rainbow, and so on. Each location is unique in terms of who, or what, you will find there. On the way between these locations, or just when traversing in general, you will come across a host of random encounters. You will not only run into all types of wildlife – some hostile and others not – but all types of enemies, including feminists, lesser SJWs, climate activists, vegans, furries, communists, demonkrats, actual literal demons, rainbow militants, and plethora of others. There are other types of locations, an example being Billy Bob’s ranch where you can buy and ride different types of horses. We won’t reveal every location and enemy as there would be no fun in that, so the above are only a few.

There is also a automatic levelling system to reward your endeavours throughout the Brave New World. You don’t have to worry about any complex skill trees, stats or advanced builds to get in the way of the fast-paced fun – all the levelling system does is ensure the more you use a weapon or do something, the more skilled you become in doing that, and will level automatically improving your overall skill. Shoot someone with a shotgun and you will become better at doing that and deal more damage, have a higher critical hit chance, etc. Keep using your katana and eventually you really will become a master of the blade.

There is also a new environmental system that makes use of in-game days of the week and time (not your device system time) to control various events including random encounters, an infinite amount of randomly generated contract missions (these include either hunting down fugitives, rescuing people kidnapped by communists, and a constantly randomly created in game) and so on. There is also a dynamic weather system controlling the skies above you. There is NO static image skybox since the weather system controls all clouds in the sky which are 3D particle effects and not static images. This is the same for the stars and nebulae at night.

There are many other new general features, such as improved physics, gore and decapitation, smoother audio, significantly better enemy AI (enemies can look around for you and see you if in plain sight only, hear your gunshots, footsteps, etc, player can sneak and hide behind things to avoid ever detected), controls, full controller support, more in depth settings to control your game play, better particle effects (blood, smoke, muzzle flashes), to name a few. It is important to note that while this all may sound like quite a lot of content, especially compared to our existing titles, this is only what has already been successfully implemented through development, there is much more content and features planned for the future end release. So in other words, while the current, soon-to-be released version will have all of the above, the best is still yet to come.

You can check back here regularly for updates and to follow the development of Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection.