Jesus Strikes Back 2 OUT NOW!

We are pleased to announce the official release of Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection! Even though we’ve been working on JSB2TR for quite some time now and there’s already plenty of content packed in, this will still be an early access alpha build, which basically means we’ll be reguarly updating it until it’s 100% complete. Currently implemented features are:

  • 9 unique payable characters, each with different skills
  • 11 Different attributes determining your players ability, e.g skill using handguns or automatic weapons
  • Over 200 different pieces of equipment, including several different types of weapons and pieces of armor/clothing for each body part
  • 142 different types of enemies, wild life, and NPCs you can encounter
  • A free to explore open world with multiple different locations with dynamic weather and day and night affecting the world around you and what you can encounter
  • New randomly generated contract missions created daily (in-game time)
  • Buy, sell, loot and find a plethora of different items/equipment
  • Satirical political and adult humour – you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

We were also scheduled to release on Steam today, however this has been pushed back to April 22 2020 due to an issue with German law. JSB2TR is still available for sale right now on our site for the limited time launch sale of $14.99 – this will include an instant download of the game files for both Windows and macOS, and also a free steam key with every purchase redeemable once we launch on steam.

We hope you enjoy our newest and biggest title to date. We also hope you stay along and follow the development of Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection!

You can view and buy Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection here.