Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 – Full Release

We are glad to announce that Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 will now be leaving early access! We’ve released a major update which should be live any time now! We’ve taken into account some suggestions and feedback from players, added some new content and fixed some reported bugs. Here is everything that has been changed:

  • Added two new stages: The Massage Parlour and Simp City
  • Added new enemies, 30 year old wizardNeckbeard simpcorona virus mask simp,
  • Added the final boss, Big Daddy Coomer King
  • Added three new achievements
  • Re-balanced weapons
  • Improved overall game performance and optimization
  • Sped up spawn rate of enemies (the total amount of enemies per wave is still the same, however the rate at which they appear is faster to ensure there are always crowds of simps)
  • Fixed death SFX not playing on death
  • Fixed a bug with thot corpses not disappearing properly
  • Fixed audio mixing issues with some sounds being too loud
  • Fixed a bug where enemies may not spawn correctly

We hope you enjoy the new update and thank you for your support, feedback and suggestions through early access. Should you still have any more ideas/suggestions or any bug reports, continue to share them with us as we will still be ready to release a new update fixing issues if necessary!

Best regards,