About us

2Genderz Productions launched in September 2018 with our debut video game, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day, releasing in it’s alpha development stage in February 2019. Despite us experiencing numerous setbacks and de-platforming from third party services during the development phase, such as payment processors and web hosting denying us their services due to complaints and various petitions started by non-gamers and individuals suffering from severe autism, we still managed to successfully release Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day

2Genderz Productions consists of a growing team of developers, artists, coders, and most importantly, true epic gamerz. As every other game studio in the West steeps into utter degeneracy by yielding to far-left outrage mobs and angry verified Twitter users, we will continue to develop real games. We are constantly working to update and improve our existing games, while also designing and developing new projects unlike any other video game studio out there.