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Call of Russia: Furry Warfare (Full Release)

We are glad to announce that Call of Russia: Furry Warfare will now be leaving early access! We’ve released a major update which should be live any time now! We’ve taken into account some suggestions and feedback from players, added some new content and fixed some reported bugs. Here is everything that has been changed: New additional […]

Jesus Strikes Back – Upcoming Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have been working on Jesus Strikes Back Judgment Day and will be releasing a new version in October 2019. Some features will be: Even more varieties for each enemy type More authentic feminist sound effects recorded directly in the wild, straight from their natural habitats More Rainbow militant […]

The Shitposter – Out now

Shalom! We are pleased to announce that 2Genderz Productions second video game, The Shitposter , is now available to download via our official website, The Shitposter is a first person shooter which sees the player take control of internet prankster Brenton Torrent. Brenton’s JooTube channel was unfairly removed by Joogle after multiple complaints about […]