Jesus Strikes Back 2 : the resurrection

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69 years has passed since the since the events of the day of judgment which saw J.C & friends deliver divine retribution to the evil overlord G. Sorrows and his lackeys. Although the satanists were sent to hell, the land remained devastated by fire and war, with the global economy barely able to recover due the destruction caused by the one-world communist government. As bad as things seemed, with the removal of the radical socialists, sinners and satanists and the leaders of the New World Order crucified by J.C himself, the pious and righteous now had faith that they could begin to rebuild a virtuous society. The future looked bright. J.C left the Earth and returned home, praying for the prosperity of the people he had saved. No one – not even the saviour himself – could know that seven decades later he would have no choice but to pick up his AR15 again. 


This time, literally Satan himself and his army of demons, vegans and socialists have declared war on Earth. Only the saviour can stop them now. The day of judgment may have ended 69 years ago, but the resurrection has only just begun.


Currently Implemented Key Features

  • 9 unique payable characters, each with different skills

  • 11 Different attributes determining your players ability, e.g skill using handguns or automatic weapons

  • Over 200 different pieces of equipment, including several different types of weapons and pieces of armor/clothing for each body part

  • 142 different types of enemies, wild life, and NPCs you can encounter

  • A free to explore open world with multiple different locations with dynamic weather and day and night affecting the world around you and what you can encounter

  • New randomly generated contract missions created daily (in-game time)

  • Buy, sell, loot and find a plethora of different items/equipment

  • Satirical political and adult humour – you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!